County lines are strings of connections between drug dealers and street dealers. The county part refers to the street dealers travelling out of their own counties to sell drugs in other parts of England where they aren’t known to local police and are therefore unlikely to get caught. The main dealers are mostly based in London and give out orders to the street dealers, who are usually vulnerable teenagers manipulated or blackmailed into selling drugs. The campaign was aimed at parents and teachers to educate them of what could happen or be happening to their own children and how to spot the signs. Below are two concepts I came up with before the campaign was put on hold.


Concept 1 – Money is the main way the youths are manipulated; once they earn big money they can become blind to the risks and damage that’s being done to them. Sometimes they brag on social media but that only shows the part of the picture. Behind the scenes they are being beaten, raped and investigated by police.

Concept 2 – The street dealers’ only job is to deliver the drugs to where their told. This gave me the idea of creating a spoof courier company for delivering class-A drugs, like Deliveroo but for drugs. The idea was to get peoples attention with reverse psychology. The campaign could have included awareness through spoof uniforms, van livery, branded packages and promo material.